Wednesday, December 25, 2013

How do we deal with the unknown? I went to the Universalist church my daughter attends and was again impressed by how a church skirts the trappings of specific religions while trying to find one of their own. It was pretty subtle. Christian hymns surrounded by winter solstice language, etc. No real answers but assurances in spiritual goodness. I know I don't want the security of a cult but why even the lose wrappings of spirituality? Do we need this loose connection to spiritual truth to fend off the vicissitudes of life's ambiguity? Oh, well, these two women pastors are pretty hip and offer an intellectual substrate that makes for a worthwhile experience.

Monday, September 23, 2013

In the moment of sleep

In the moment of sleep our mind, seeking efficiency, pushes memories tectonically against one another seeking meaningful overlap. Sequence gives way to a surface of clustered thoughts but deeper a bedrock of personal connectedness.

Saturday, July 20, 2013

White guy being profiled

Ok, like Obama here is my story. I was riding in my van (read as drug mobile from a cop perspective) in Tiburon, one of the whitest cities in Marin county. I was with my wife to go see a movie. Driving into town with my long hair I was pulled over by a Tiburon cop who said I was driving too close. We saw no cars ahead of us or behind us since we left the freeway on our way into Tiburon central. I remembered the badge number of the cop and wrote a letter of complaint to the local paper stating that I was in good standing with white Marin because my other car was a Volvo. No response! After parking in a lot that I now hoped was legal for the movie I saw the same cop ignore a BMW parked illegally in front of the theater (because he was special and probably a short haired white). Needless to say, my white anger was extremely elevated. Just imagine if I were black! And then, I was an expert witness for the Fogerty Warner Bros copyright trial in San Francisco and while staying in the Hilton on a $1000.00 a day fee (I was the cheapest expert witness at the trial) I decided to look around before going to court. My long hair and leather coat must have been the problem. I decided to look at the cool leather wear in the hotel shop. I was followed around the store by a clerk who ultimately told me that the store was not open to the public--it was a private showing as I was ushered out of the store. In both cases I was incredibly angry. But I am white! I so understand the sadness and defeat felt by the African American community. If this can happen to me with all my white privilege what chance does someone who is "other" have?

Wednesday, June 05, 2013

I can't believe that there has not been a new post to this blog this year! So.... I don't have a lot to say but I am still passionate about the state of affairs in all things political. I don't watch as much political news (more discerning not less interested). I just cannot believe that there are so many politicos so willing to show their intellectual short comings to a national audience. I also am having a lot of trouble sympathizing with red states who are being blasted with natural disasters. How can two tornadoes large than any in history within two weeks not be a symptom of climate change? Really?