Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Free Music

Well it may have finally happened. Music used to be forced down our throats on albums and later CDs (although some concept albums actually worked). The wildfire of illegal downloads and sharing eventually made the production companies rethink their approach. Apple found the first truly viable solution with its iPod and iTunes. We could actually buy the song we wanted, stay legal and be very cool all for just 99 cents. Today a new company, SpiralFrog, may be offering the ultimate solution with free downloads. All we have to do is bear some advertisement while the music downloads.

Music companies now longer deal in music but in advertising. Music is just the lost leader in the process. How much more corporate can corporate music become? I say we all stop listening to music and make music instead. Why should all the rock stars people worship get all the fun. Sing along when the national anthem is played (just ignore the weird looks). The only place in the last few years I've heard people actually sing together is at the ball park after seven innings of self medication. Play spoons, or kazoo. Reclaim the right to make music, the best free music of all.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Fall Hopes

The fall semester is right around the corner. Beth at Fresno City College and Dave here at MiraCosta along we me are now focused big time to start classes. We have been hoping for renewed strength to find the "talent" and dive in. It is always surprising who shows up with hope in their eyes. It is such a blast to feed the dreams.

So all you future rock stars, get in line and work, work, work.