Monday, September 01, 2008

Musings on the Mat

We are a part of a great ensemble. Our instrument chimes at just the right time to add our voice in the texture of the symphony. One thread in the tapestry of life that clings artfully to those around it through a series of interweaving loops, wraps, and knots. A fiber of gold next to a fiber of green; blue and yellow blending with red and brown. The richness of the tapestry, the depth and vibrancy of the symphony depends on the harmony in the ensemble, the sangha.

Sangha is a yogic term for community. Often spiritual, sangha is really any group that works together toward a common goal. Sangha is the ensemble playing a symphony. Sangha is the dance of the loom as it weaves its tapestry.

Yoga is an interesting practice, like music and dance it can be done as individual practice or group practice. I find, while I like practicing on my own, I much prefer to practice in a group, surrounded by my sangha. We are a group of people working individually, but nevertheless unified by our common struggles and challenges, whether it is coming into full lotus or truly allowing our core being to relax. The presence of the sangha assists me in my individual growth.

And, most importantly it reminds me as I roll up my mat and leave the studio, that sangha is out there in the real world and I am a part of it.

With each step, I weave my thread into the fabric and play my melody for the sweeping crescendo.

I am a golden thread.
I am an oboe.

You are my sangha.