Thursday, March 25, 2010

Health Care

With all the hoopla about insurance reform I wonder how we lost sight of HealthCare.

I don't care about people having insurance as much as I wish that everyone had health care. Insurance just means there is a for profit entity that wants to pull profit from those that need health care.

Single payer buts all this aside. The argument on this last bill was to kill health care and re-establish an insurance based system.

A sad day. But it is something that can now be modified and amended -- hopefully, toward a public option.


Monday, March 01, 2010

Stength of Opinion

I have an opinion, in fact, everyone I know has an opinion. The question is "What is the value of anyone's opinion?" Well mine is important and everyone else -- well, not really.

Let's take the argument of redistribution of the wealth.

My opinion -- it is time to redistribute the wealth to the middle and lower social economic groups.

Their opinion -- Let's keep the status quo -- keep the redistribution of wealth moving to the wealthy.

There, that makes sense.


How about health care.

Their opinion -- we have the greatest health care in the world.

My opinion -- the greatest health care in the world can always be purchased by the wealthy. However, those without health care cannot argue this position.


Their opinion -- status quo. Let the "stupid poor people" go out and get a job and compete.

My Opinion -- The sick and poor are our responsibility. We are blessed with intellect and opportunity. We need to care for those with neither.

It goes on and on. We are all citizens of this great country. Those with wealth are where they are because of this country's dedication to democracy and capitalism. It takes a great government to "share the wealth".

I hate taxes, but I love taxes. Can you go there with me?