Friday, April 11, 2008

Hmm Elephants


Why should the elephants have all the fun? Creating art has been made to be such a mystery. I wish I could draw (maybe I can), I can sing, play instruments, I wish I could dance (maybe I can). It is so amazing that the elephants do not see the "art" of the experts because they would probably stop from embarrassment. Why do we spend so much money on the art of elephants? (Speak for yourselves).

BTW, Did the elephants feel creative while painting?


Wednesday, April 09, 2008

Elephant Graveyards

There is a remarkable YouTube video that shows elephants in Thailand painting self portraits. It is a must see.

Zoo trainers in Thailand have actually taught elephants to paint pictures of flowers and portraits of other elephants.  Zoo trainers in America and elsewhere are following suit, however many trainers here prefer to let their elephants paint "abstract" art.  These portraits are selling for upwards of $25,000 and have been on display in London art galleries.  

There is also the "Thai Elephant Orchestra", an orchestra of percussion playing elephants that has recorded two CD's.  The star drummer of the orchestra, Praditah, is said to have a remarkably steady beat and also plays swing patterns.  

Is the elephant community an untapped artistic market just waiting to be exploited?  I fear it might be.  Or is this merely one species appreciating the artistic talents of another?

In Africa, it is said that elephants will travel miles and miles to "elephant graveyards" to die. Perhaps they are actually traveling to artistic communes.  I wonder... If we were to stumble across one of those infamous graveyards, instead of piles of bones bleaching in the hot sun, might we find elephants trumpeting and stomping in time while others dance gracefully, their trunks swinging to and fro among portraits drawn in the sand?  

I think... maybe.


Friday, April 04, 2008

Cultural Importance

It is interesting that we have candidates that are new to our electoral system. I don't care if one is half black/half white or the other a woman. I want to know if they can sing, dance, be expressive. Obama is a great speaker but can he sing? Are his words his own? Don't they all have speech writers?

It would be wonderful to see a candidate be openly expressive to the masses. To much to as for?

Has any international figure been transparent?

What was the saxophone and Bill Clinton? He obviously had played the instrument before. Has any of the candidates offered anything except words? I think the world is hungry for something beyond words.

We need an expression true to who you are