Friday, September 29, 2006

Music Theory will kill my creativity!

I have heard this over the years as if being analytical about one's music will diminish the excitement or raw expression of playing music. So what is lost when one knows more? Does not knowing about music theory ever become a plus? It is like thinking and speaking with a limited vocabulary. I have found that the more I know the more I can interact with music on so many different levels. I think that I actually hear more than those who have not taken the time to learn the complexities of music and its construction.

But alas, I do love closing my eyes and just playing. This never goes away. It only gets better.


Tuesday, September 12, 2006

The music of 9/11

So, what music was most prominent on 9/11? What music represented the American spirit and reflected the passion we feel for the tragedy of that day? What I heard most was God Bless America. That disturbs me. When we worry most about the religious zealotry of the middle east should we not promote our own secular independece from religious polity? Why then do we sing a song that stresses God's role in American initiative? Is our religious right more right than the islamic religious right? Does our music speak a truth we are not willing to state in political rhetoric? Maybe our music is more honest.

Saturday, September 09, 2006

TV in the cafeteria.

I can hardly believe the new discussion on our campus. It is an email discussion of whether there should be a TV on and the sound up for the students in the cafeteria. Some want to turn it off to better represent the educational goals of "true and worthy discussions" not meaningless programming and commercials.

Can you believe this is even important to teachers? They suggest that the TV be turned off and background music be used. Dave suggested ear-grating Christian death metal music played really loud.

So TV is not appropriate but background music would be appropriate - as if we could all agree on the "perfect" music.

This entire discussion was started by a philosophy professor. Is this a philosophical issue? I think the sociology department is the area that should address this issue.

As a musician, I love the complexity of a cafeteria where people are trying to be quiet, expressive, hungry, bored, etc.

Should the music change for those eating Sushi? Hamburgers? Salads? Brown bag? etc?