Thursday, July 24, 2008

Flash back

Listening to Obama's speech in Berlin today I remember the same kind of inviting global perspective years ago when I was in college. I was in the marching band at Berkeley and we were having a bonfire rally (yes for the football team). I was back stage in the outdoor theater waiting to go in. Just a few feet away was Bobbie Kennedy. I could feel the heat of this man.

He came out and spoke about the citizens of America and how they needed help. He did not speak of war or force of any kind except the force of the individual to work together with like minded individuals to help the least of us. It was the Kennedy theme but it resonated with me and the others their at this "pep" rally.

I just don't understand why such a large percentage of our population (usually the haves) don't feel any obligation to the have nots.

I guess protecting one's money is everything.
"The government should not take my money"
"Cut taxes -- I don't want my money going to those lazy poor people."
On and on . . . . . .

I know so many struggling poor people who keep saying these same tired lines.

Don't they know that they are not rich enough to be a Republican?


Monday, July 21, 2008

Watching the pros

The World Music online course is developing well. The main authors are such pros. Their expertises do not parallel as much as overlap. One has taught the course for several years and one editor/author has a honest love for the musics and cultures and has lived in many of these countries. The third is a world authority in several cultures and is a complete academic.

Dave and I are essentially producers of the project pedagogically and technologically. The three content specialists together have a vast body of knowledge. Translating it to the goal of this course has been interesting and at times difficult.

The collection of listening examples for the course is being put together by Sony. They are also securing rights for the selections. There are selections that I have never heard of that surprisingly that Sony can not secure rights. I can understand the Beatles not giving rights for our Rock collection but these selections are far far far from the public eye and not valuable to the mass market. Weird. Somebody is not sharing and this is an educational product. AND they would make a little bit of money.

Regardless, it will be a wonderful addition to our suite of online music courses.