Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Working with Dancers

My daughter Beth who is a contributor to this blog is now developing an online course for dance appreciation. It is so interesting to see how dancers see the world differently than musicians. There is, however, one common interest -- dancers and composers and musicians together is the most fun. I produced a concert where composers wrote and performed their music live while the dancers performed to the live music. What a high. It was the best of all performing worlds. Talk about multi-media (no electronics necessary).

The energy is great. The dancers in this production came from Mexico and others from Wisconsin. The composers were from Wisconsin, Irvine, New York, and faculty from MCC.

Hmm . . . thinking I should do another one of these.


Thursday, June 07, 2007

An adolescent artform?

I worry about rock. Its front edge of development seems to always belong to the youth. As each generation gets older it tends to carry its music with them and not necessarily blend into a larger rock repertory. Young people today listen to early rock some but it is probably more out of the nostalgia of their parents rather than their own interest. But the inverse doesn't seem to be true. I don't see older rockers listening much to the newly emerging styles catered to by our youngest listeners. If rock constantly spins out its new styles to reflect young attitudes and needs will the musc always reflect an adolescent tone? I suppose growing stale is the alternative? Not many young people listen to classical music so I guess staying forever young may not be so bad.