Friday, October 16, 2009

Wow! The new two party system

Can you believe the partisan conflict on almost all issues? The war(s), health care reform (not insurance reform), who should have money and who does not deserve to have money, etc. Don't tax me but give me government services (example: MediCare, clean streets, fire departments, police, etc).

Wow! what confusion.

I asked one of my conservative friends why they are so angry.

He responded "us -- angry?" because liberals are so angry.

"Really?" I questioned. "Why?"

"Because liberals only want what they want. They are selfish."

I was shocked. When liberals want services for those who have nothing does not meet this mantra.

It is obvious that both sides see the other side as angry. Where did this come from? I thought that a "liberal arts" education was to insure that tolerance was a necessary component in conflict resolution. I have not held a sign since college but none of them had demeaning symbols or pictures with name calling.

Shouldn't we discount the extremes and concentrate on the middle left and middle right? I think that the Blue Dog Democrates should now be the new right and the center of the Democratic party is the new left. Let's just ignore the far right and even the far left (however, that is where I live most of the time.)

So the new two party system should be this new alignment because they are not so reactionary and do not exhibit the anger the cable channels love to display.