Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Power of Music Srikes Again. . .

Alright, this blog is authored by five musicians and one dancer. I, as the outspoken dancer, am willing to begin the discussion, but I leave it up to the experts to duke it out.

Three words. . .

"Yes We Can"

Check it out if you haven't seen it yet. Regardless of political affiliation, it is well worth experiencing the invisible yet tangible power of music.

Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Migrating to new software

This spring Dave and I decided to migrate from ETUDES (a Learning Management System) that a friend of mine had written to Moodle which is an open source LMS. Well the temptation to revise and update the content at the same time have overtaken us. Well we are close. Every time we tackle such a huge migration we say "for the last time". Well, after doing this kind of thing so many times I think I have finally learned there is no last time.

Now that we are almost done I am liking the product. Like birth, I guess the pain is forgotten and well worth it.

If any of you don't know what open source software is, do a web search.

Power for the people.


Sunday, February 03, 2008

White Socks

I remember when living in England that I was teased for my white socks. I think more than the wardrobe is the sense of entitlement that most Americans have while traveling. There have been many times while traveling in Europe that I have been absolutely embarrassed to be American. I remember one woman in a train in Italy almost twenty years ago complaining to my mother that no one knows how to speak English. If they want our tourism they should learn to speak English is what she said. I do not know every language. I have to admit that I was lost in France. Yet, I learned the few phrases such as "hello" and "thank you." I also spoke Spanish to people abroad before I broke into English. I was surprised the other day in going to IHop that their menu had everything on it also in Spanish. We have immigrants not just traveling, but moving here, and they are not expected to learn English?