Sunday, August 08, 2010

Tax Me Please

I have been in music ensembles from a size of just two members to over 120 (marching band). As much as the American Dream says that with equal support and backing anyone can do whatever they want we as musicians know this does not work. (This is also an espoused line from Disney and children networks around the world.)

In my experience in music groups it only takes seconds of playing together to realize that there were those who are strong and competent and those who have serious perceptual and skill deficiencies. In fact, no matter how hard they clicked their heels in their issued red sequined shoes, they would not measure up to the strengths and qualities of the others in the ensemble.

So the statement of equality should be modified to "equal chance" to participate. I know this is a sad statement. Perception is a very strange thing. If an individual attempts a skill but cannot perceive the nuances of this skill can they ever deliver the skill at a high level? Even with extreme practice, this cannot be solved to a high percentage.

So, where does this leave us? In a community where equal desires do not reproduce equal product then what do we do with the least productive of us?

Write them off? This is the argument of reducing entitlements. What percentage of the population are we willing to write-off? Ronald Regan is known for many things but his greatest legacy in my mind is that he put out the mentally ill onto the streets. He cut an entitlement. Hurray! But the weakest of us all just became invisible. Sitting on streets with cups in their hands and sleeping in parks and doorways. Great resolution. These poor people do not have boot straps.

I too want to cut entitlements. Let's start with all the corporate subsidies. They are already rich. They don't sleep on park benches. Why do they get bonuses even when they lose money (rarely).

I want to rise up the new Patriot. The American who wants to solve problems. If I had a way to direct money directly to the deficit that the government must match equally, I would love to be taxed at a higher rate. The government then must pay as they go. Let the citizens solve the problem.

Business will never solve this problem -- their job is to make as much money as possible and not spend for reasons that do not help the share holders.

Tax me, Tax the patriots. But don't let the greedy share in any of the new money flow. If the government does not match the funds then this will not work.

Be a patriot financially, not a partisan.